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Lenn E. has a B.A in Media Arts (Film/ Photography).


Upon graduation, Lenn has volunteered his time with various artists. He has worked as a studio assistant with NYC fashion photographer Eva Mueller, renowned Albert Watson and Art Nude photographer Michael Chambers.


Lenn has done his share of commercial modeling, which has given him the ability to put his model subjects at ease in front of the camera.

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I am a Visual Artist concerned with the aesthetic of the soul.

"We all possess a beautiful innate quality called spirit. Once we become aware and nurture it, the eyes will radiate thus transfusing this from within. In photography, one's countenance can be translated as strong, protected, innocent, soft, discerning, beautiful and sensually sexy. Since photography is a visual form, I work toward marrying the physical-body (what we see) with the spiritual to enhance what may or may not be so apparent."

Color and mood are two themes that I utilize most in my photography. I want my images to tell a story or to allow the viewer to construct one for themself. I love to experiment with my models, putting them in character via an outdoor setting or by utilizing props.

A photograph is a historical document. I am concerned with creating images that are timeless, thought provoking and an extension of my dreams, ideas and interpretations of current trends.

Gratitude to all who appreciate my vision. I will see you behind the lennZ.






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